My name is Rachelle and I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I've consistently been on computers since one was put in front of me before the age of three, not long after I fell in love with drawing, but it took me 25 years to blend the two.
I've always been creative, doing everything from arts & crafts to photography. After high school I wanted to enrol in a creative program, so I chose Marketing at Algonquin College. After graduating I wanted to continue learning about human behaviour; after all, marketing is the psychology of the consumer. Six years later, while working full time, I obtained a Psychology degree from Carleton University. But I was still missing something. Finally, in January 2017, I decided to take graphic design courses last minute at OCAD University, and I've been slowly improving my skills since, loving it more every day. I recently opened an Etsy shop and created this portfolio, and I'm excited to see where it brings me. 
Thanks for stopping by!